Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fantastic Good Friday

Hope everyone had a fantastic Good Friday! Mine was great!

My work was closed at noon due to the holiday, so I got to leave at 11 since I start work at 7 - HOLLA!! I swear, there's nothing better than leaving work at 11:00 for the weekend - the drive home is so happy. As soon as I got home I suited up and set out on my 8 mile run. Being typical Cleveland, the weather has changed dramatically this week. It was 75 and sunny yesterday - perfect running weather, but also perfect sweaty Heather weather, too. I have been trying a new deodorant, to stop my pits from sweating for no reason, and check this out:


Holy heck, no sweat marks!!! Sweat everywhere else of course, but the deodorant is working wonders! Lol.

Looking at that picture makes me realize I need to buy a black shirt for the marathon - something that doesn't show all that sweat. I need something longer, though, because I have a really long torso - any suggestions?? What's your favorite running shirt?

OH, and I averaged an 8:57/mile pace on my run!! ROCK OUT.

And, what else made my day yesterday? MY SIS CAME HOME TO VISIT!!!!!!!!


Here she is with my dad. Love her. I love her even more because she just bought her plane ticket so that she can come to my marathon!! Luv you, Mandy!!!

So, if you're a Clevelander, you might be able to recognize where the above picture was taken:


MELT! We always talk rave this place, but never have time when Mandy is home so we headed out for an early dinner. There was still a long wait, but we just stuck it out. Totally worth it. They make the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches on the planet, and the vegetarian chili is TO DIE FOR. Seriously, if you ever come to Cleveland this MUST be on the top of your list to try. Just beware, the wait is never shorter than an hour, and they don't take reservations.

Here are the rest of us at dinner:



I taught Group Step this morning, took Diddy for a nice long walk, and now I'm off to shower and get ready for the day. I think we're meeting my parents and Mandy at Legacy Village for some shopping. I'm going to try and talk my sis into going to H&M with me at Beachwood Mall, too, to help me shop. She's the pro!!

I think today is going to be another great day.

I'm meeting up with a friend from the gym tomorrow morning to run 18 miles (!!). Wish me luck!

Have a nice Easter everyone!


  1. haha love the first pic! Black! Don't wear a black top- if its sunny, you'll feel super hot! Show the sweat ;) Cute pics- I loved grilled cheese so melt sounds awesome to me. You teach group step Saturday mornings? I teach Body Step Saturday mornings! Twinkies again! Good luck on the long run tomorrow

  2. Good luck with the run :) What deodorant are you trying out? I sweat like a pig and am desperately trying to find a deodorant to help! I am so jealous you went to Melt. I want to go SOOO bad. I live on the east side - and one is coming in May!!!