Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spandex Alert

So, I finally broke down and bought another pair of running pants last week. I figured that for as much as I run I should have more than one pair (ok, let's be honest, I'm just tired of washing those darn pants).

A little warning, the picture below has lots of SPANDEX.


I think you can tell from my face that I'm not so sure about these. I'm not much of a tight spandex girl. But, I definitely love a tight-ER pant when I'm running, as that results in NO chaffing! So, after my photo sesh, and getting over my fear of running around the city in these tighties (you know, in case I saw anyone I knew), I headed out for a 7 mile run. It was 75 and sunny, so you know my run resulted in this:


Hot, sweaty mess!! Ha!

Here are my thoughts on the pants:


  • Moisture wicking was fantastic (a must for a sweaty beast like me!)

  • Didn't sag in the tush

  • Didn't move in the waist really at all (ride up or down)  

  • Has a zipper pocket above tush for key/Gu/cash/etc.


  • Tight, tight, tight!

  • The bottom of the pants ride up from my crazy, big calves:


Does this happen to everyone, or just me? My pair of Reebok running pants are looser around the bottoms so this doesn't happen when I run. Looks good, or silly?? Not sure.....

In any case, I rate these pants "FAIR". I like my Reebok ones better, but I can't find a pair that doesn't have a stripe down the side, I want just plain black without any design! Anyone know if they even care plain ones??

This morning was a 16 miler. Is it sad that in my head I think "cool, only 16 this week"?? :)

Next weekend is the Cleveland Ten Miler, and then we're Pittsburgh bound!!!!

See you in a bit for my recap of this morning's run!

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  1. I think they look great on you! I have large calves as well and my running tight capris do bunch a bit...but I LOVE them. They're my favorite item of clothing to run in. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!