Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Love

What a long day! I hope everyone has been having a RAD Easter, or fantastic Sunday, for those of you who don't observe Easter. We are loving this Spring weather!

Yesterday was an exciting day for the hubby:


He's an Apple Geek, and was so stoked for the iPad. The kid actually got up and was in line at the store by 6:30 Saturday morning! I think I may have just been replaced as the love in his life......

The Easter Bunny came to our house this morning - did he come to yours? C got some brand new soccer cleats and sweet David Beckham shorts. His first game is next Saturday so he is SET:


He got the usual candy, too, but we try to emphasize the healthy lifestyle in our house!

After he found his Easter basket (took over a half hour this year!) I was out the door to meet my friend, Lauren, for an 18 mile run! I was a little nervous, as I had never run with Lauren before, but it turns out we run almost the exact same pace and really pushed each other. The run went super fast, as we had a lot to talk about, and it was a course I had never run before. We ran through the metroparks, and there were a bunch of other early runners out this morning, too. It was such a nice day!

Here we are at mile 11:


We actually ran past a family of deer, and saw these huge fish jumping in the stream. It was pretty cool.


Can you see them all? You have to look hard, but they're there!


We averaged a 9:41 pace for the entire run - pretty great considering we were running for almost 3 hours straight. Trust me, that's a LONG time, yo.

After the run I raced home to shower and change before we had to get to my mom's for brunch. But first, I took one of these:


My very first ice bath! I'm going to post specifically about this tomorrow, so this is just a sneak peak!

Brunch at my mom's was great, as always. She made:

  • banana nut muffins

  • strawberry muffins

  • chocolate/banana cherry bread

  • ham, sausages, and bacon

  • eggs and biscuits

  • fruit salad

Enough to feed an army! Everything was fantastic - I definitely ate more than my fair share, and I wasn't even stuffed!

Now we're home and my sis is having a sleepover with C. He definitely takes advantage of her when she's home - she doesn't know how to say no! They're playing Wii, and I'm about to head to bed - I have to teach Group Power at 5:30am! Here's hoping my legs are recovered!



  1. No worries love, you couldn't be replaced. Not even by something Apple!

  2. Congrats to the husband on his new toy! Sounds like you all had a most fabulous Easter. GREAT job on the run! That is incredible. And I love brunch- don't you? Hope the rest of your week goes well