Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Runner?

So, I had this title in mind when I was running tonight after work. I thought to myself "What makes a real runner?" Do these:


I gotta be honest, they make me feel pretty bad azz. After checking (and re-checking) the weather for Sunday I finally broke down and purchased the Nike Armwarmers. The weather channel is predicting 75 degrees with a 70% chance of RAIN. Warm AND rainy?? Yuck. I didn't know what I wanted to do, as I think long sleeves will be too hot, but I don't know how warm it will be in the early morning and the beginning of the race. These armwarmers are a perfect solution. They are so light and thin that if it gets hot I can tuck them in my running belt until I see J or Mandy to hand them off to.

They are a size XS/SM, which I initially thought would be way too small for me, but they fit perfectly. I'm guessing this is because the are unisex? In any case, I wore them on my quick 3 miler today and they were pretty darn great. They didn't slip or fall down, nor did they cut into my skin - a perfect fit! I felt a little silly running around the city in them, but screw it. I needed to test them out before the race.

J told me I look like LBJ. What do you think?

LBJ.tiff DSC01348.JPG


Kinda? Mmmmmm....yeah, maybe not.

I was NOT a basketball player ever - don't ever ask me to play on a recreational team - you will regret it, trust me.

So, funny story, after my run I went to get my nails done. While I was sitting and waiting at the salon a lady said to me, "Excuse me, but were you running earlier?" She the proceeded to ask me if I saw her pull up on the curb when she was parking and I did! Haha. But, the reason I'm telling you this is because she then asked me "So, how long have you been a runner?" I immediate explained that I'm not really a runner, that I'm just training for my first marathon. She looked at me a little puzzled and I realized I was selling myself short. I mean, doesn't that make me a runner?

So, armwarmers or not, tonight I am declaring that I AM A RUNNER.  

Do you ever sell yourself short? How do you get over that hurdle?

Good night!


  1. hahha I love when people see you running and ask you about it. A guy did that to me at the food store and now every time he sees me...he goes- hey runner! You are so a runner! And a fabulous one at that. I think those sleeves look jammin. I want some

  2. I'm sorry, but anyone who runs 26.2 miles for fun after running almost 300 miles in prep for THAT run is in fact a REAL RUNNER! The only other status you can achieve at this point is PRO RUNNER!

    My wife........The Runner! I'm so proud of ya babe. Can't wait for Sunday!

  3. Not a runner? Are you crazy? You're a pro-just like the hubby says!