Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too Cool for School

Today was a good day.

After work I managed to squeeze in a quick 3 mile run, while C rode his bike. How could I not - I even ran in shorts and a t-shirt it was so nice!! We went down to Lakewood park and back - an almost even 3 miles.


Cute, right?


Afterwards we had an even quicker dinner, got changed, and started the short walk to school because C had his Spring Concert! Since he is in a 2/3 combined class he got to perform with the older kids and was super jazzed. Here he is with all the "cool kids":


He's the cute kid on the end kinda waving to his mom, but not really because he's with the cool kids and doesn't want to look dorky in front of his friends. :) Little do they know he was just bike riding/running with his mama an hour before!

Grandma had the brilliant idea of heading to Malley's afterwards for some ice cream. That blew my "cut the crap challenge" right out the window. No, really, it wasn't that bad. I'm limiting myself to one treat a day, and this was it. Though Easter Sunday could be a whole other story!!! Watch out cereal, here I come!!! Sidenote: I've already bought my 3 favorite Kashi cereals and they are waiting not-so-patiently for consumption after my 18 miler on Sunday.......I can't wait!

Typical Mom/Son pic:


DEFINITELY the cool kids.



  1. What a cute blog :) I love the pics of your son. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I must say, I am so encouraged by your marathon training - keep it up!!!

  2. awwwwwww so cute! What a fun afternoon.