Monday, March 8, 2010

Water Logged

As promised, this post is a dedicated to our trip to the water park. Every year around this time, the kids (and husband!) start to get cabin fever so we plan a trip to one of the multiple indoor water parks in Sandusky, OH. Castaway Bay is by far my favorite of the 3:
  1. Smaller, so I always know where C is. Some are so big that I'm in panic mode the entire time worrying where he is and if he's safe (even though he swims like a fish!). This way I get to enjoy the trip, too.
  2. Has an awesome wave pool that the kids play in forever.
  3. Has an awesome indoor/outdoor hot tub that the adults play in forever. :)
  4. Cheapest of the 3!
Every indoor water park has to have one of these:

Check out the 2 kids laying on their backs about to get dumped on! Ha!

Here are pics of C and J coming down one of the multiple slides. Can you tell who is who??
Love the splash difference - too funny!

The kids enjoying their time together and being silly:

One of the best things about this park is that the kids feel like they aren't being watched constantly. They feel like they're given a little more independence. I know they look young, but they are the best behaved kids ever. I am a very lucky mom, as is my bff, Jenay (nickname, obvi):

True story:
  1. Jen and I both found out we were pregnant on the same day (Mother's Day to be exact)
  2. Jen was induced on a Saturday, had her daughter at 9:15 that night, and I went into labor the same night and ended up in the hospital at 4:00am. I had C at 1:16 that afternoon. The nurses hated us because we were always in each other's rooms!
  3. C and G are still great friends to this day (they are 8 now!), as are we. Love you, Jenay!
The kids (meaning, the 2 male adults) played a lot of basketball:

You can tell the guys really took it easy on the kids, huh? Tough love....

I think this was our best trip yet, and we've been doing this for 5 years now! It definitely gets more fun, and easier, as the kids get older. I recommend it!

No run yesterday or today. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow before work to squeeze in a quick 3 miler. We'll see.....this girl is NOT a happy morning person.



  1. yes it was a great trip! All the kids were well behaved...
    and thanks for the shout out :)
    It is much appreciated!
    Love Jenay

  2. What a fun trip! So cool that you and Jenay are so close :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend