Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Bee

This week has been quite the whirlwind! Though, somehow I feel like I'm always saying this?? Anyways, this week was my "on" week for subbing a friend's 5:30am Group Power class at the gym on Monday and Wednesday. It's a great way to start the day, but hard when I work full time AND teach Group Step Monday night at 5:15! I like my double duty days to be back to back. Oh well, Monday wasn't actually too bad, but Wednesday was HARD to crawl out of bed. You would think when you have a whole class of people waiting on you to work them out it would be motivation enough, but, yeah, not so much. Not at 4:45am when my alarm goes off.....

This coming week is my "off" week from those classes, though, so it's back to the normal schedule (for this week, at least!). Whew. So, needless to say, my marathon training wasn't fantastic these past 6 days. It was hard getting runs in when I had to teach 7 classes this week! GAH! Especially when there was lots of this to do:
Lots of homework for the 2nd grader this week!

I had time to run after work on Wednesday, but my body just wasn't feeling it. I was TIRRRRED from my 4:45am wake up call that morning. So C and I did some of this instead:

He's quite the yogi. :)

On my way to the gym on Thursday after work it started snowing (yes, snowing) so I resorted to 4 miles on the treadmill after Step. You would think this weather would help me convince J to move (anytime now, Hubs, anytime)..........

Friday I ran 4 miles with my friend, Christina, and then crashed for the night. Hubs and I watched the Blind Side, which was fantastic, and that was it. Oh, except that I made strawberry shortcakes - AWWWWESOME!!

This morning I had to teach (again) and we stopped at Dick's afterwards to pick up some sports beans for my long run tomorrow. I scored a new hoodie for C for $7.50 on clearance (!) and when we got home I saw this:

I knew Dick's was sponsoring the marathon, but I actually exclaimed out loud when I saw this on the bag! 5 weeks and counting..........let the nervousness begin.......!!!!!!!

So, tomorrow is 17 miles. The plan is for me to run the first 7 miles by myself and then pick up Jenay to finish off the last 10. I know my mid-week training runs were pretty much non-existent, so tomorrow should be interesting. I really just hope to get through it, and pray that next week is better. The marathon is CLOSE, there's no time for slacking now....

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on your long run!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. And I think u need to put a shirt on that boy:)

  2. Oh girlie- you know I so feel for you! I taught 9 classes last week. My body was screaming by Sunday. I have no idea how you do all that and run and have children! You're my idol...for real though! Strawberry shortcake? Sounds awesome to me :)

  3. Found your blog as a link from monicaonthego. I loved reading about your runs, as I am also training for a marathon. I figured you were doing the "PIG" until I read this post. I'm doing Pittsburgh as well, but not nearly as fast as you. LOL And I can so relate to the running weight gain. I love the rock-hard rear and quads, but hate the "soft" in the belly.

    Train on...