Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby snatcher!


So, before I get to my 17 mile recap from yesterday, I thought I'd catch you up on mine and J's beautiful Saturday. It was really chilly in Cleveland, but sunny and bright! The sun makes everything better, doesn't it?

After our morning trip to the gym (which I mentioned in my last post), we decided to enjoy the sun and take Diddy for a walk:

Can you see how he's pulling J along?? Haha. Yeah, we have no control over our 20lb pup.

We then showered up and headed out to Crocker Park. J headed here:

And I headed here:

Yeah, we definitely split up! I get mad bored in the Apple store, and J would rather cut off his arm than wade through H&M. I wanted to check out their new garden line that my sis tipped me off on. The stuff is cute! But does anyone else feel a too old to wear those cutesy flowers? And the dresses can be super short! Especially for someone as tall as me (5'9"). Speaking of which, I did pick up one dress, but it's a khaki shirtdress, not one of the new summer dresses. I need to find some cute sundresses that are age appropriate!! Any suggestions?

The big trip for the day was to here:

We had both been wanting to try Indian food, and heard really good things about this place. Well, here's my review:

OMG, never again. I barely ate a thing - what a disappointment. The service was bad, AND the food was barely edible - NOT a winning combination. J ate almost half of his but he got to a point where he pushed his plate away and said, "I can't do it anymore". Haha! We laughed about it and got some ice cream to cheer us up:

Ahhhhh........much better!

Then we headed to visit our friends with the new baby. They just built a new house, too, and J hadn't been to see it yet. I just wanted to see little Evan:

J calls me the baby snatcher. Anytime our friends (or not even our friends!) have babies and I'm around, they get snatched right up. So cute!

So, dinner wasn't fabulous, but the rest of the day made up for it. Babies make everything better.....

We left later than we expected, and headed home for a full night's sleep to gear up for my 17 mile run I had planned. Recap to come!! Stay tuned.....

Also, I think a challenge is in the works. I'll post about it when I have more details. Have a good night!

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