Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a challenge!

So I haven't mentioned this, but all this running has caused me to gain some extra pounds the past few months. Well, let's be honest, it's not just the running. I know that when I train for a race I tend to gain some weight in my legs, butt, and thighs, but this is just getting out of hand. (I'll never understand those skinny, scrawny elite runners - my body does NOT react that way!) And it's hard when you run 17 miles, and burn almost 2,000 calories to NOT be hungry!!

Anyways, Allison, over at Green Dog Wine (love her blog, btw!), is doing a Cut the Crap Challenge for the next 20 days until April 14th. I will, of course, have my own rules, but she's the one who inspired me to get my butt in gear.

Why I am doing this challenge:
  • I'm feeling "soft". I used to be nice and toned, but I'm feeling squishy - especially in the belly area! Eww....
  • I want to look as strong as I feel
  • I want to be in the best shape I can be when I run the marathon on May 2nd
  • I want to fit into my designer jeans again!
Here are my rules:
  1. No snacking (this is my #1 bad habit). If I'm going to eat something, I will put it on a plate and sit down to eat. No more handfuls of this and handfuls of that.
  2. One treat per day. I have a serious sweet tooth. Enough said.
  3. No white bread.
  4. Limit processed food - this isn't too hard, as I don't eat a lot but there are times when I resort for the quick fix.
  5. Have ONE serving and give myself time to digest. I'm a fast eater so I tend to eat more than I need before I even realize I'm full. SLOW DOWN, Heather!
I don't want to limit myself completely, but I do want to clean up my act. I'd like to break my snack attack habit (this is especially bad in the evenings) completely. I thought to myself earlier today that if I was strong enough to stop biting my nails 10 years ago (after doing it all my life!) I can do this.

Determination and will power are what it takes, but most of all accountability! If I don't tell anyone what my plans are I will let them fall wayside. So I'm relying on my friends and family to hold me responsible for my actions! Of course I know I have to believe in myself first and foremost, and I think the key to this challenge is actually stepping on that scale. I haven't done this in over a year when I first noticed myself gaining weight. I think seeing that number will give me that final push I need.

p.s. Did anyone think of the lady from SNL who says "It's a match!" when they read the title? LOVE that skit!! :)


  1. YAY FOR CHALLENGES! :) Love your twist on it - sounds fantastic!

  2. Allison rocks doesn't she? such a fabulous idea! Love your rules. I need to slow down when I eat too...I always seem to be doing 20 things at 1 time! Can't wait to hear how it goes girly. And if you make the pasta- let me know ! Have a wonderful Wednesday