Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Steve

Steve is my new BFF!! He's named after the running legend, Steve Prefontaine. Not that I will ever be a running legend, but a girl's gotta have dreams, right?

Steve and I went on our 2nd training run today (yesterday I did 3 miles on the treadmill solo). The snow is finally starting to melt here in Cleveland so we bundled up to brave the cold weather. This is the view from the front of my house looking down the street. Doesn't look very appealing, huh?
Anyways, our run was great! We averaged a 9:16 pace, which is fast for me, and pretty amazing considering this is what we were dodging for 4 miles:

Here we are afterwards. I think we're going to be besties for a long time (or at least until May 2nd)!

I want to leave you with one more picture. I took this on my way home from work today! WHAT IS THAT????

Have a great night! I'm off to enjoy "family movie night" with my favorite 2 boys!

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