Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!

The last I left you was on Sunday when I ran 6 miles on the treadmill. Well, when I woke up Monday morning my right knee was not feeling good. I've had a problem with it in the past, so I have been trying to be cautious. I wear this McDavid Jumpers Knee Strap when I run or do STEP, and I have sworn by it because my knee has been 100%. That is, until Monday. So, I decided to skip my Monday training day (3 miles), took it easy when I taught Group Step Monday and tonight, and, instead, have been doing a lot of this:

Check the bag of edamame. Yep, that's how I roll. No ice packs here - we use bags of frozen fruits and veggies! :)

In the past I haven't been smart about taking care of my body when it starts to hurt. I know that with the marathon I need to listen to my body - I'm not 25 anymore!!!
Here's what I say to that:

That's my mean/mad face! Ha! (can you see my No Meat Athlete T hiding underneath my sweater?) I heart that shirt.

ANYWAYS, any doctors out there? I need a diagnosis! My knee hurts on the inside and underneath (still on the inside). Anyone else ever had this problem? I'd love any insight you have.

Since it feels almost back to normal today, tomorrow I'm going back to normal scheduled programming: 3 miles tomorrow, 4 on Friday, and 7 on Sunday - wish my luck that my knee holds up. I'm still just in the beginning of training!



  1. I hope your knee feels better so you can get back to training. I think you need to work on your mean/mad face! Kind of weak. LOL. Love ya sis! FRESH TO DEATH!!!!!

  2. the bag of veggies is Klassy with a capital K! That's always how I roll too. You prolly ate them too as ur knee was the method for dethawing! Thanks again for helping me through the 5k yesterday!! And I don't know what your sister is talking about....i've seen the mean face plenty of times in class as I'm being "disciplined" for not going hard enough!!

    Keep living the dream,
    The Future Mr. Janet Jackson