Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Half

Hello! What a day yesterday was!!

Saturday night we headed to bed early and I was actually able to fall asleep by 10:30 (with the help of some Advil PM!). I slept straight through until my alarm went off at 5am! I debated with myself on what to wear, and ultimately went with the tank top and arm sleeves, which turned out to be the best decision, btw!

My friend, Beka, was running the 10k with her friend, Monica, so they met at our house at 6 to drive downtown together (me, Beka, Monica):



We got downtown at 6:30, met up with Jenay, and it was 6:50 already (race started at 7:00)! It was perfect timing since we didn't have to wait around too long. Jenay and I said our goodbyes, and headed out to join the mass of people running the half and full marathon. The 10kers were starting at 7:15 so Beka and Monica had a little time before they started.


We didn't have to wait long before the gun went off, and it only took about 3 minutes to cross the start line. It was crowded, but everyone seemed to be in good spirits so it was fun! We ran past the Science Center and Browns Stadium first and then up to West 6th Street. We were running a pretty steady 9:30 pace but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep that up if I didn't want to burn out early. I was feeling good, though, so I decided to stick with it for awhile. Jenay was running the half marathon, and trying to PR, so I didn't want to hold her back. We ran over the Carnegie Bridge and made our way towards Tremont. I knew my family was going to be there so I was in a great mood knowing I was going to see them around mile 4.




It was quick hello/goodbye and I was off again! After we left Tremont we had to run towards the westside of Cleveland on Lorain. Not the best area of Cleveland, but I was feeling great so I didn't mind. And the miles just seemed to be flying by. It was right around Mile 8 that I told Jen good luck, gave her a hug, and said I'd talk to her later. I knew I wouldn't be able to finish if I kept that pace.

Then I ran into Team Heatha at mile 9:


See me? I actually got teary a little bit at this point seeing C in front of me. I loved having him there cheering me on. Having family and friends there to support you really makes all the difference.

After a quick hug and kiss, we headed past Edgewater on the shoreway (I always find it funny to be running on the freeway, how bout you?) towards downtown. I desperately needed a bathroom break and stopped at mile 11 to use one of the porta pottys. I'd never stopped during a race like this and surprisingly didn't feel rushed! I stretched my hamstrings while waiting my turn and it felt so good!! I was trying to be smart this time around.

I got back into my groove and it was at mile 12 where the half marathoners split off. I actually laughed out loud to myself and shook my head in disbelief as to what I was doing. :)

I headed to the left as the halfers turned to the right and was still feeling positive. I knew I had a long stretch before I saw my family again (they were going to be at mile 17-18) so I turned up my music and kept on.

Second half coming later today -- stay tuned!!

Have a good Monday!


  1. whoop whoop! You look so happy running! Just awesome. Love your support system. Can't wait to read the rest

  2. I can't wait for part two! It sounds like you had a blast!!

  3. I'm loving this recap! Can't wait to see the second half.

  4. Waiting patiently for the conclusion...

  5. Question - do you have an addictive personality? I'm thinking you are now addicted to running. Never seen those arm things before, but they look pretty cool. Anyway - I cheated (I have no patience) and looked at the race results. I officially think you are crazy Heather. Good crazy, but crazy still. xo

  6. You go girl!!!! Love the mid-marathon pictures-- you look great too!! So fun seeing a marathon through Cleveland I love hearing these familiar street names. Can't wait to hear about the rest! XOXO