Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekday Wine

Yesterday was a great day!

I had a package waiting for me when I got home from work:


Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! My first product due to the blog!!


Take a look inside:



Please know that I received these samples free from POM Wonderful, and intend on giving you my honest opinion and hopefully even a recipe or two!

I immediately put the box in our refrigerator, and headed out for my hot date night with Allison from GreenDogWine at Wine Bar in Rocky River.

Allison is seriously so down to earth, relatable, and is just a kick ass girl. Love her.

There was laughter, and lots of this:


I mean, it IS named Wine Bar for a reason.

We shared 2 appetizers (which were delicious!) and talked for hours.


It was a fun night!

Did you do anything to break up your work week?  


  1. AWWW YAY! Seriously Heather - I had an absolute blast! What I thought was going to be a quick bite to eat turned into 4 hours of chatting! We definitely need to hang out again VERY SOON!

  2. Love the POM juice!! Its so fun to use in recipes too. Allison seems like so much fun- what a great meet up. Josh's family has been here all week- so its been a totally different kind of week for me!

  3. I am so glad you guys had fun last night! Maybe next time I will invite myself :)

    Also -not sure if Allison told you but i am in hate with you right now. EVERY INCH OF MY BODY STILL HURTS!!! As much as I hate you, I cant wait to do it again next week!!! I wish you taught that class every day! :)

  4. Hooray for Pom! I recieved my first box a few days ago. Isn't it so exciting? I'm breaking up my week doing nothing but baking cupcakes!

  5. Yay for a fun night!! Good luck tomorrow! Love you!!!

  6. what a fun night! you'll love POM.

    Allison is fabulous, isn't she?

  7. Did I miss something? Free POM?