Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dual Celebration

Hey, hey!!

How is your Wednesday going so far? I'm in a great mood because it's finally sunny here again in Cleveland! What's it like in your neck of the woods?

So, after the marathon on Sunday, Team Heatha headed back to the Wood (Lakewood, for you non-Clevelanders) for a post-race and birthday celebration.


Whose birthday was it, you ask?


My mom! 39 again, right? hahaha.... :)


So, after some much needed showers, and per my mom's request, we headed to Danny Boys in Rocky River for some GRUB. By this time, I was HANGRY!

The waitress was super nice. When she saw my shirt, she brought us out some complimentary breadsticks. And if you've ever been to Danny Boys, you know that their breadsticks are TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously, they are puffy, doughy, garlicky bread deliciousness. Go there. Now. You will thank me.

And no birthday is complete without (cup)cake, right?


Are you tired of seeing cupcakes from Main Street Cupcakes yet? Because I will NEVER get tired of this place. We split them all 4 ways and taste tested our way through. The peanut butter chocolate was my absolute favorite!


And you know we didn't leave without a silly picture like this one:


I love C's face in this picture. He's so into it!

Do you have a certain picture/pose you have to always take/do?


  1. It's gorgeous here! Not a cloud in the sky. I don't think I could ever get tired of cupcakes. It doesn't matter where they're from. Love the family photo!

  2. What a fun celebration. Happy Birthday to your mama! Those cupcakes look fantastic. Is the one in the back right the choco peanut butter? That one looks the best!Cute family pic. We don't have a typical pose...i think we need to start one now!

  3. Yes, Erica, that's the one! The frosting was AMAZING! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!! Those cupcakes look so delicious. YUM