Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting My Fill

Yesterday was a long day. What do I do to relax at the end of a long day?



These are my boy's favorite cookies!


You can tell it was a long day by the clock on the wall behind me - 9:40 and I was only on the 3rd cookie sheet!

We went to bed shortly after because we had an early Saturday morning wake up call for C's LAST soccer game of the season:


Doesn't he look sleepy still? :)



The weather was perfect this morning, too. What a great day to round out the season!



Though, I think this guy might have thought it was too hot. Check out that tongue on our ride home!


Tonight we're headed to Rockbottom Brewery for our Last Supper. So sad! I might eat the whole soft pretzel appetizer myself. I mean, who knows when I'll next be at a Rockbottom. Better get my fill, right?

Plus, I'm meeting a friend for a run in the morning so it won't hurt to carbload!

Are you getting your fill of your favorite foods this weekend?


  1. I'm ready to get my fill of both the pretzels and their beer. It's a sad day since it truly is our place, but we'll just have to find another. Suggestions anyone?

  2. You are so naturally beautiful :). The cookies look amazing. I used to love Saturday soccer games when I was a kiddo. Enjoy the pretzels and the run. I have been eating some yummy ice cream this weekend!

  3. Girl I've gotten my fill on a little bit of everything so far this weekend! Cake, ice cream, and pop chips! If I had your cookies I think I'd have to go overboard on those too! They look great!

  4. Can I PLEASE have some of those cookies?? or at least can I have the recipe so that I can make them for memorial day tomorrow!! :)

  5. Jackie the cousinJune 4, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Come visit us in Chicago -- we have Rock Bottom Breweries here!!! And I love the pretzel appetizer too (But I can't have it anymore -- BOOOO!)