Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

What a week! I don't want to bore you a full week update, so I'll just give you the "highlights" (yes, we live exciting lives here in C-Town!). First off, C brought home an origami book from the library this week. What, what??! What 8 year old brings home an origami book?? Too cute. So the guys got to work making foxes....
Let's just say they aren't professional fox makers......and after listening to lots of bickering I finally had to be the mediator and jump in to help. See what happens when you actually read the directions:

Mom to the rescue!!!!!!!! :)

We were also hard at work making cupcakes for C's valentines day party at school.

AND, check out the loot he brought home from school today. Since when did Valentines Day replace Halloween? What's with all the candy?

I got some loot today, too. Check it:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new running shirt I got from Lucy!! I could see the package in the door when I pulled in my driveway after work and got super excited. Call me gross, whatev, I wore it without washing it first. Yeah, it kinda smelled like a plastic bag, but it was too cute to wait! It was actually a little too cold outside to wear this today, but I only had to run 3 miles so I wore it anyway. The material is AMAZING, so stretchy and soft. And the shirt is actually long enough for tall mammoths like me! The thumb holes in the arms make me happy, too, as the sleeves are long enough that they don't pull like some of my Nike ones do. I googled Lucy coupons and found a 20% off code that worked. Try it!! You won't regret it.

Oh, my run wasn't too shabby either. I'm kinda diggin running in the cold - I swear I run faster? Don't know if it's because I'm freezing my booty off and want to get home or if there's just no heat or humidity to slow me down...... Whatever it is, I LIKE IT.

Have a fantastic weekend. I'm off to prepare for classes I'm teaching at the gym tomorrow morning. Then it's relaxing tomorrow night in preparation for my Sunday 10 miler (eek!!!).

See you Sunday!!

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  1. you worked out the purple today!!! everyone loved it!! total image at the gym!! your classes are the greatest by far....hands down! i never had such a blast while getting my butt kicked ever!!! good look on the 10 miles....i know i die at 3.1 lol...tonight im hangin out with the fellas so im sure ill have stories to add to the one i couldn't tell you in the gym earlier!!! :)

    mad lurve -

    d bounce